What is a Floor Buffer?

 What is a Floor Buffer?

Floor buffer is a quick modern saying, I believe that in the past it was more likely to be name rotary floor machine. In the past, they named thing under its principle of work , but today, they name it under how their work is like.

It is used in buffering the floor. Usually driven by electric. Somehow that with batteries, some were driven by charged batteries. We are selling different type of floor buffer with 175,145,165rpm. Is there any difference? Yes. The bigger the number is , the faster the machine rotate.

The floor buffer often comes with a floor brush for cleaning floor and a carpet brush to clean carpets. Are the spare parts universal? I have to tell you no. Different bands and factory refer to design their floor buffer to be unique.

How to choose a floor buffer?

My personal opinion is that, if you are buying floor buffers to resell in your market. Here are a few tips from my experience:

  1. Whether the seller can offer samples and acknowledge of the machines is very important.

  2. Any warranty offer?

  3. Stock of spare parts.

  4. Qucik response.

Below is our floor buffer for your reference. Ask for a quote now.

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