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A single disc machine is a versatile and efficient machine for cleaning. As its name implies the machine utilizes a single rotating disc that works on your floor to make the floor clean. Various pads, rotation speed and motor power are capable of providing the solution for different applications of cleaning your floor: starting from de- waxing or otherwise known deep scrubbing, up to the polishing or buffing; from crystallization up to spray cleaning; also carpet cleaning or sanding.

Floorcleaningsource.com has large selection of floor scrubbers includes cord electric floor scrubber, floor buffers, high speed floor polishers and floor restoration machine. Our machines cleaning width are 17” and 20”. With standard pad holder and poly scrubbing brush. Our floor cleanning machines can do almost any common cleaning and maintenance jobs. We also sells scrubber pads, brushes and pad holder and other necessary accessories than needed. Find what you need on floorcleaingsource.com! Or ask for a complete catalog!

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